Committee Scope

The responsibilities of the HMS Committee on Global Projects and Sites include: making recommendations to the Dean regarding the strategic direction and development of global programs at HMS; developing academic, operational, and financial policies and processes for the development and implementation of programs; reviewing proposals for new programs that require institutional approval; facilitating the review process for programs requiring provostial approval; and periodic review of existing programs. The Committee members include leadership and faculty from the HMS Quad departments and HMS-affiliated institutions.

Harvard Medical School proposals that have a global component and meet any of the following criteria are reviewed by the Committee:

  • The proposal involves the establishment of a new international office or other physical location
  • The proposal has an annual budget greater than $1.0 million
  • The proposal involves the use of the Harvard or Harvard Medical School name
  • The proposal involves a scope of work that is unusual, complex, or high risk
  • The proposal involves an international fellowship program, student exchange program, or complex educational program under the auspices of Harvard Medical School

The Committee also provides ongoing review of projects and programs previously approved by the Committee.

The criteria above are based on the criteria for the Harvard University Committee on International Projects and Sites (UCIPS). The HMS Committee on Global Projects and Sites review proposals from HMS prior to submission to UCIPS, and coordinates with UCIPS leadership to determine whether a proposal requires UCIPS approval.